Maximize Your Rental Income with Our Property Management Services in Burnaby, BC

Are you looking for property management services in Burnaby, BC? Look no further, My Dream Realty has you covered! Maximize your rental income with our outstanding property management services. Our real estate marketing strategies are highly effective in setting your property offer apart from the crowd, and we have a long track record of proven success. We aim to work with you to ensure a seamless process of renting your real-estate. 

Why choose My Dream Realty as Property Management Services in Burnaby, BC? My Dream Realty is a boutique property management company based in Greater Vancouver with over a decade of experience. We provide complete rental property management services, from Thorough Tenant Screening and Effective Advertisement to Rent Collection and Property Maintenance And Repairs. We also provide Rental Agreements and a Free Rental Assessment.

  • Expertise and Experience: Our company has over 15 years of expertise and experience in property management with over 200 units managed.
  • Time and Stress Savings: Our services can save landlords time and reduce the stress associated with property management. Hassle-free tenant placement.
  • Tenant Quality: we are committed to finding and placing high-quality tenants with a thorough screening process and the ability to attract responsible and reliable renters.
  • Maximizing Rental Income: Setting competitive rental prices and minimizing vacancies.
  • Personalized Service: Personalized service and a dedicated property manager for each client. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each property owner.
  • Transparent Communication: Transparent and open communication with landlords. Regular updates, detailed financial reporting.
  • Legal Compliance: We have understanding of local landlord-tenant laws and commitment to ensuring legal compliance. 

Our Offerings:
  • Furnished Properties: Let us do the hard work for you. Hassle-free, your clients can enter a fully furnished property.
  • Unfurnished Properties: We also work with unfurnished properties, so guests can bring in their own belongings.
Our Vancouver property managers will ensure your property is taken care of. With our services, you can maintain your rental properties with a virtually hands-off experience! 
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